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Reasons for short circuit of solar led traffic sign
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Reasons for short circuit of solar led traffic sign

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As a common road signal tool, a short circuit of solar led traffic sign will have a great impact, not only the citizens are anxious, but the maintenance personnel are also anxious. Now, we have summarized the reasons for short-circuiting of some traffic lights in order to solve the problem quickly.


(1) After the battery is discharged, it is not enough to recover automatically; the load power exceeds the rated power, reduce the electrical equipment, and wait for a long time to recover. After the load is short-circuited and the shortcomings are eliminated, it can usually recover automatically the next day; at this time, please check whether the power supply is connected accurately and reliably.


(2) Due to improper installation or the circuit board of some controllers is not treated with three-proof paint, rainwater will flow into the traffic signal controller along the external wiring of the controller terminal to form a short circuit. Therefore, during construction, care should be taken to bend the internal connecting wire of the controller terminal into a "U" shape and fix it, and the connecting wire exposed to the outside is also fixed to a "U" shape, so that rainwater cannot enter the controller and cause a short circuit of the controller. The waterproof glue can be modified at the internal and external line interface to waterproof.


Through our analysis of the causes of short circuits in solar led traffic sign, we found that if we want to avoid this problem, the most important thing is to do a good job in the installation and waterproofing of the equipment, so as to make better use of the equipment and reduce traffic pressure.




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