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Performance index of solar Road studs
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Performance index of solar Road studs

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1.    Compression Resistance

Solar road studs must be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure, otherwise they will easily break after being crushed by a car and cannot work properly. However, the solar road stud itself is an electronic product, which contains the electronic part. It is really not easy to make the electronic part also have high compression resistance, so in general, the compression resistance of solar road studs is worse than ordinary road stud.

There are several methods to effectively improve the compression resistance of solar road studs:

a.     The exposed solar panels using PC bulletproof materials to enhance the compression resistance of the electronic part;

b.    Reduce the volume of the electronic circuit as much as possible to reduce the pressure on the electronic part.

c.     Design some support bars on the shell to share the pressure on the electronic part.


2.    Sealing Performance

Solar Road studs must be completely sealed, because water seepage can cause short circuits and the consequences are disastrous.

There are several ways to improve the sealing performance of solar road studs:

a. Separation Design

The Led lampshade and the internal circuit board adopt the isolation design. Even if the LED lampshade is broken, the inside of the solar road stud still remains watertight.   

b.    Use strong neutral adhesive material to ensure all parts are tightly bonded without any gaps in the middle.

3.    Luminance

Solar road studs autonomous luminescence, clearly outline the road, and the luminous intensity requirement is not less than 2000 MCD.

4.    Stability

a.     Battery Life

An important factor determining the life of solar road studs is the life of the battery, and the choice of battery is very important. At present, the battery capacity is generally reduced to 79% after 1000 times of charging and discharging. Not only should the battery life be long enough, but also it should be able to work normally in a wide temperature range. The inside of the battery is chemical substance, if the temperature is too high or too low, the battery cannot work. The battery operating temperature range of the solar road stud must meet the requirements of the actual use environment. The requirement of the Ministry of Transportation is -10 degrees to 50 degrees, and the actual environment often exceeds this range, which puts higher requirements on the batteries.

b.     Electronic Circuit

The design of the circuit board must follow the simple and effective design principles, and do not artificially complicate, because one more line has one more possibility of failure. Electronic components should also be strictly selected, as any problem with any electronic component may paralyze the entire system.

c.     Welding

Welding must be firm, because the solar road studs bear the rolling and impact of the vehicle every day. A little looseness of the welding point will cause the line to loosen and fall off. So when selecting welding torch and solder, we must select high quality products to ensure that the solder joint is firm and reliable, and can work in relatively "harsh" environment for a long time.

d.     Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency

 Solar panels absorb solar energy directly, and convert light energy into electricity. It can be said that it is the first step in the whole working system of solar road studs. Its working efficiency directly determines the working efficiency of solar road studs. Most of the current use of monocrystalline silicon solar panels, photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach 17%, higher than polysilicon.

e.     Battery Matching Performance

               For 8 hours under standard test conditions, the rated capacity of the battery should meet the   

               needs of 72 hours of normal light emission of the road studs.

Even if the solar illumination is less than 1000LX, after the battery is charged for 8 hours, its rated capacity should also meet the needs of the road studs to glow normally for 12 hours. If the battery doesn’t match well, in the rainy weather, the insufficient energy stored in the battery will cause the solar road studs to fail to emit light. In this way, solar road studs have no practical value and cannot be used at all.

f.     Environmental adaptability

              The use environment of solar road studs is complex and changeable. Different temperature and      

               humidity will affect whether the solar road studs work normally or not. So the design of solar road

               studs should take full account of environmental adaptability. The current solar road studs generally

                work under the conditions of -20℃ to 70℃ and 98% relative humidity.





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