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How to solar stud lights works
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How to solar stud lights works

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According to the different installation positions, solar stud lights can be divided into embedded type and protruding type. The former is generally used in the middle line, the latter is generally used in the edge line. This is because the solar spikes installed on the center line have particularly high requirements on compression resistance. In order to solve this problem, the solar spikes had to be buried in the ground, and only about 5 millimeters were exposed. However, the solar spikes used on the edge line are not particularly high in the pressure resistance performance, and they can still work effectively when they protrude from the ground.


During the day, the solar panel absorbs sunlight, converts solar energy into electrical energy, and stores it in an energy storage device (battery or capacitor). At night, the electrical energy in the energy storage device is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by a photoelectric switch), which is emitted by LED Bright light to outline the road and induce the driver's sight.


According to the different energy storage components, solar stud lights can be divided into capacitive type and battery type. The service life of the former can reach five to seven years, and the service life of the latter generally ranges from one year to three years.

 Because the embedded solar road studs cause great damage to the road surface, and the cost of the capacitive solar road studs is too high, the most widely used solar cell studs are currently raised.




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