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How to choose safety warning light correctly
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How to choose safety warning light correctly

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As a warning device for pedestrians, the security warning light will give warning to pedestrians in the vicinity of dangerous areas or areas requiring warning by emitting eye-catching light, so that pedestrians can notice the danger here and do not approach easily.

Application range of safety warning light

Safety warning lights are widely used in road construction, building construction, automated assembly line, automation equipment, security equipment, LED packaging equipment, alarm system, SMT equipment, CNC lathe, CNC, carved machine, CNC milling machine, CNC equipment, heavy machinery, heavy machinery, medical equipment, automotive industry, traffic and fire at...

Safety warning light

How to choose a safety warning light

There are many kinds of security warning lights, which is suitable for their own? According to the purpose, alarm lamp is generally divided into bulb type alarm lamp, LED type alarm lamp, explosion proof type alarm lamp, buzzer type alarm lamp, rotary alarm lamp, sound and light alarm lamp, car type alarm lamp, etc. According to the installation mode, it is generally divided into small rotary alarm lamp with bracket, wall-mounted alarm lamp and upright installation alarm lamp.

Weichuan safety warning lamp has its own design concept. The construction site warning lamp adopts high-brightness LED lamp source, with high visibility, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption and long service mission. Its power consumption is only half of that of incandescent bulb. Unique diamond section lamp shade design, using the principle of light refraction, can make the light source signal visibility better, produce a strong visual impact, better warning effect.

Safety warning light

Vitron safety warning light can also be equipped with a buzzer or horn to emit alarm sound, so as to give people auditory and visual warning signals, so that people can clearly find, warning voice can be customized according to the situation of the construction site, such as: construction site, please pay attention to safety! Please remember to wear a safety helmet, labor protection equipment voice, voice clear, up to 105dB.




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