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Common problems of solar stud lights
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Common problems of solar stud lights

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Wrong nailed structure

The solar stud lights with nail feet are divided into two parts, the lower part is the nail base part, the upper part is the solar panel, led and lampshade part, the upper and lower parts are connected by several screws, most of the solar road studs with nail feet as of 2014 All adopt this structure. When this kind of product is installed on the road and fixed with glue, it is actually only the lower part of the solar dowel, and the upper part is only fixed to the lower part by a few small screws.
The most common problem with solar spikes with nail feet is that the upper and lower parts are separated. During the rolling process of the vehicle, several screws are too thin and the force is too small. The top of the car will fly away after a few presses.

The solar stud lights without studs are more stable, the solar studs without studs, the entire studs are glued to the ground, and the tops of the studs with studs are quite fixed to the ground with a few small screws.
The first countries to make solar dowels into active and passive light are Japanese and Korean companies. Their requirements for solar studs are: if for various reasons, solar studs cannot work, they can also be compensated in the form of reflective studs.

The authentic reflective mold core is electroformed on the needle-shaped electroformed motherboard, and the accuracy is very high. After the motherboard is used several times, it must be removed and re-polished to ensure the reflectivity of the reflective mold core. There are only a few companies in the world that can produce this kind of pin-shaped motherboards. Some small domestic electroforming factories do not have the ability to use pin-shaped motherboards for electroforming. This also creates a situation where the product that looks like a reflective film is not actually reflective.




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